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Meet the new addition to The Giri family – the relaxed, chic and newly renovated San Juan hotel, Gare du Nord, just a two-minute walk from The Giri Residence.

We are a family business – founded by Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortes – and we run our latest hotel with the same level of passion and dedication for customer satisfaction as we do with our established brands, The Giri Residence, Es Vedra Bay Villas and KsaR Living.

Gare du Nord has nine rooms, split into four categories: Premier, Deluxe, Terrace and Deluxe Terrace. Every room has been completely refurbished and has been given a new lease of life with comfortable, homely and

chic furnishings. Eclectic, stylish and laid-back, each room is imbued with the holiday architecture ethos of KsaR Living, with each piece of furniture, décor or art hand-selected by Alberto and Yvonne themselves.

Gare Du Nord guests also receive exclusive member access to the gorgeous swimming pool, spa and pool menu at The Giri Residence for the duration of their stay – just a quick stroll through the village and you’ll be warmly welcomed from the moment you arrive.