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Our in-house kitchen The Living Room is one of the hotel’s main attractions, featuring our private chef whose sole focus is to cater to the whims of clients staying at the hotel.

Order à la carte or choose whatever takes your fancy, either way, you’ll enjoy scrumptious, seasonal, gourmet fare upon request, leaving you free to indulge in long, luxurious lunches or romantic dinners al fresco if you choose. In fact, you can dine pretty much anywhere within the grounds that takes your fancy and invite your own guests to join you.

Of course excellent wines, great cocktails and really good coffee is a non-negotiable part of life at the Giri… these are the small pleasures that satisfy so much, especially on holiday when you’ve got the time to savour them.

All dishes use the freshest, highest quality ingredients and herbs the island naturally produces, we offer you pure food – grown and sourced as organically as possible, as close to the way nature intended it to be enjoyed.