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The idyllic village of San Juan, a place to step back in time and experience what made Ibiza so alluring to the world in the first place.

Here you’ll find nature at its best, with gentle rolling hills, orange and lemon groves, almond blossom and rich red earth. Within a five minute drive you reach the coast, defined by dramatic cliff tops and as you wind your way down you will arrive at some of Ibiza’s most pristine and secret beaches. Aside from the simple and rustic beauty of San Juan, the great appeal of the village is that it leaves the Ibiza of mega yachts and super clubs behind, here you’ll find generous spirited locals doing their thing as they have for centuries, welcoming the weary with una copa de vino and a bowl of olives. The overall sense is a supreme feeling of wellbeing and connectedness and yet the wider joys of Ibiza are just 20 minutes away if the spirit of adventure calls.